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What we do

We are the expert on this field, better roofing solutions.

The Roof Medic is family owned and operated located in Milton, Ontario. We currently provide services throughout the GTA. The Roof Medic provides high quality roofing services that are made to last. The Roof Medic has a reputation for fast response times, fair pricing, and great customer service. Our company and team are fully insured, which provides customers with the highest quality services.
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How do they finish in one day?

  • They do not nail on the line which allows them to nail a lot faster.
  • The nail gun will sounds like a machine gun from the ground.
For a free demonstration about nailing on the line to see why this is the single most important factor when choosing a roofing company.
Roof Repair in Milton - The Best Home Renovation with Creative Pre-Planning
Creative Pre Planning
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We Deliver Quality
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How do you know you’re getting what was promised?

How do you know they installed the ice and water shield 3 feet high on all eaves troughs?
How do you know they are not shingling over bad/rotten plywood?
The Roof Medic will provide pictures of each step promised and a final video to show you that everything that was promised was done, and done the right way.
We highly recommend that you call us for a free demonstration. This will explain and highlight the proper way to do things and all the short cuts that are being taken in the roofing industry. Whether you choose to go ahead with The Rood Medic or not, just by listening to our demonstration you will know if you are getting a good roof or if short cuts are being taken just from standing on the ground.




Our clients reviews.

Client review for best home renovation services in Milton
Roof Medic repaired some tiles last spring. A little under a year later we had a home inspector evaluat our home and he said the company did a really good job - pros - because he could't tell where the tiles were replaced. Definitely recommend if you want your roof done right!
carolyn cancela
Client review for best home renovation services in Milton
Have had my roof fixed three times before, just to have more tiles fly off in the wind telling me the repair jobs were of poor quality, you could see the nails shinning in the sun... one day i find a door hanger telling me how different the "Roof Medic" is when it comes to properly repairing roofs. I called them and booked a visit for the very next day, they called 30 minutes prior to the appointment to confirm, showed up on time, explained what they do.
Lee Andrews
Client review for best home renovation services in Milton
Have used Affan twice now replaced a couple of shingles in weather i didnt even wanna leave the house during (April ice storm) and then needed 16 replaced after May wind storm both times great job fast friendly and honest
Jeff Gilmer
Client review for best home renovation services in Milton
Affan is really master in his work. Excellent job
Khurram Muhammad
Client review for best home renovation services in Milton
Great service from The Roof Medic today! Super quick response time. Came out and checked out the roof, fixed what was needed, and provided excellent customer service. Efficient and effective. Will definitely call them again when i need it!
Jen Parks
Client review for best home renovation services in Milton
THANK YOU SO MUCH! After countless unreturned phone calls from several other companies i was thrilled to have been given your name from a trusted roofing company in town. Your videos showing exatly what is wront ^ then how you fixed it is fantastic. You guys are awesome! I will happily refer you
Michelle Merritt
Client review for best home renovation services in Milton
We all hear pro's and con's about contractors and roofers. I understand how important reviews are to contractors because my husband is one. I did a lot of research and call six roofing companies. I had 5 out of 6 respond. I like the fact that Affan came and spoke to us one on one and provided his recommendations. He wasn't trying to up sell us or anything. He was stating the facts. He took the time to answer my concerns through e-mail etc. He assured me of his work and provided me with a list of houses to see if i wanted to take a look at their work. Stating that from the beginning of our conversation he showed honest (rare now a days). My roof is extremely steep. They worked in some crazy hot weather and they pushed on. It took 3 days to do our roof. The reason is because they are extremely detailed with their work. They work with precision. Thank you to you and your crew for a great job. You can use us as a reference if you need any recommendations.
Susan Kristina Okowita
Client review for best home renovation services in Milton
Highly recommend! They did a great job cleaning up every night before they left. They made videos of all their work step by step to show us. Affran is the owner and the person who installed our roof. Wasn't sub contracted out like others companies. He definitely knows his work. Price was reasonable aswell.
Sukhi Toor Sahota