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Health & Safety

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Rooftop safety is the responsibility of every person involved in the project.

The Roof Medic is a Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB) certified, Ontario-based roofing company. We are trained, experienced and fully insured roofing experts. We take the highest pride in training our staff, ensuring they have the right knowledge and equipment to offer you the best roofing solutions. Ensuring construction site safety, we provided our roof experts with a fall protection kit when working at certain heights to ensure their safety.
Our safety program focuses on preventing workplace accidents and providing our team with a healthy and safe environment. The health and comfort of your team, customers, and contractors are vital for us. However, we evaluate our work procedures every year and implement new policies to ensure we perform our jobs safely and efficiently. We strive to eliminate all possible hazards before commencing any project.
We take pride in the safety culture we have developed.
  • Our team periodically undergoes thorough safety training.
  • All employees who operate torching equipment are trained in CRCA National Torch Safety Program.
  • A health and safety rep trains each team member.
  • We keep reviewing our safety plans, ensuring periodic improvements.
  • We focus on losing no to least possible hours because of workplace injuries.
Contact us to know more about our health and safety plans.