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At The Roof Medic we aim to provide the highest quality roof installation. We guarantee that nobody will do a better job. We guarantee that by not hiring any sub-contractors or hourly crews. Both owners of The Roof Medic, Affan and Masih, along with our crew will personally be installing every single shingle on your roof. A problem with the roofing industry is you will speak to the owner or sales rep who will make promises to you. Once the deal is signed they send sub-contractors to complete the job. The sub-contractors are paid a set amount which does not increase if they take more than one day to finish the roof. THEY WILL FINISH IN ONE DAY!

How do they finish in one day?

They do not nail on the line which allows them to nail a lot faster.

The nail gun will sounds like a machine gun from the ground.

Call NOW for a free demonstration about nailing on the line to see why this is the single most important factor when choosing a roofing company.

How do you know you’re getting what was promised?

How do you know they installed the ice and water shield 3 feet high on all eaves troughs?

How do you know they are not shingling over bad/rotten plywood?

The Roof Medic will provide pictures of each step promised and a final video to show you that everything that was promised was done, and done the right way.

We highly recommend that you call us for a free demonstration. This will explain and highlight the proper way to do things and all the short cuts that are being taken in the roofing industry. Whether you choose to go ahead with The Rood Medic or not, just by listening to our demonstration you will know if you are getting a good roof or if short cuts are being taken just from standing on the ground.

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